Dive computer data

As technology develops, dive computers become more sophisticated allowing you to do more with them, as well as making diving safer generally.

In almost all cases, dive computers have their own proprietary software to which you download your data via bluetooth or wired, to either a mobile or desktop device. This software will then present the data in various ways as well as allowing the input of additional  information.

The core problem with this today, is that dive computer manufacturers come and go depending on market forces as well as you, the diver changing your dive computer as your type of diving changes or new models become available. Quite often, you will be unable to transfer your historic data to your new dive computer.

With the Ki diving app we have taken a different approach, in that you can export your data from your dive computer software in standard formatted files like xml and UDDF and then upload it to the Ki Diving app.  These files can then be used to create a new, or update an existing dive log.

This ensures that you will always have an uncorrupted and continual record of your dive history on the KI Diving app.
The app will allow you to upload multiple files at once making it easy for you to manage multiple logs.  You can even use different types of dive computer as well as add a basic manual log, and then update it with your computer log.

Currently we support Shearwater Sunto and Redbare CCR but will be adding to the list quickly.  If you have a dive computer that we are not yet supporting,  send us an exported dive log and we will add support for it.

As you can imagine, this is a continually moving set of goal posts that we will do our utmost to stay on top of.

As you are trusting us to store your dive data, security and continuity is important, so to ensure your data’s security we use Amazon Web Services to store and backup all of your data across multiple regions and data centers thereby allowing geographical redundancy at all times.

If at any time you wish to export your data this can be conveniently arranged by contacting us directly or using the reporting functions in the app thus ensuring total peace of mind.